Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Deer Stag head sculpture. Solid 3D model. CNC carving, 3d printing,

Deer Stag head sculpture. Solid 3D model. For CNC carving, 3d printing, mold making, Jewelry design. More info...

Suitable for creations of Physical Form via 3d printing, CNC carving. High polygon model can be also used for low polygon game ready model making (through retopology, texturing, maps baking). Maybe used for Jewelry design, interiour design, digital visualisation, for the production of illustrations. Default size — 20cm long (you can scale it up or down). Asymmetric high polygon 3D model is fully ready for 3d printing (error free). Includes digital 3d model only. OBJ and STL files available. OBJ files UV-Unwrapped, non overlapping. You can import it to any 3d software.
The model includes few subobjects: Deer head, Eyes, Eyelashes, Deer horns. The subobjects can be used jointly or separately, for example to split full model into the head and the horns.
Product contains 5 resolutions of a Deer head 3d model including STL and OBJ file formats:
  • deer-head-digital-sculpture-50 ~ 50000 polygons
  • deer-head-digital-sculpture-125 ~ 125000 polygons
  • deer-head-digital-sculpture-250 ~ 250000 polygons
  • deer-head-digital-sculpture-500 ~ 500000 polygons (default product file, used for images rendering)
  • deer-head-digital-sculpture-1M ~ 1 million polygons
OBJ files has the same UV-mapping. The files packed in ZIP. Preview images done in Keyshot.

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