Friday, October 23, 2015

Santa Claus portrait. Bust sculpture. Solid 3D model

Santa Claus 3d sculpture for 3d-printing, CNC carving

3d model of a smiled Santa Claus. May be used for 3d printing, CNC milling, mold making, Rendering etc... Click to buy

Friday, April 3, 2015

Brown bear base-mesh

Brown bear, Grizzly bear Base-mesh for 3d Sculpting. Zbrush ZTL, OBJ

Brown bear, Grizzly bear Base-mesh for 3d Sculpting, Including Bear skull base-mesh.

ZTL Subtools list: Brown-bear-base-01, Bear-clutches-01, Bear-eyes-01, Bear-skull-01, Bear-jaw-01.
Body of the bear has 6 subdivision levels. The first subd level - 1518 polys (quads only). Also available OBJ file (merged and decimated subtools). You can import it to any 3d software. 
Product files: 
  • Brown-bear-base-01.ZTL (Zbrush 4R6p2, total polys=3.6 mil)
  • Decimated_Brown-bear-base-01.OBJ (Polys=180000)