Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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Black-and-white alpha brushes of Animal fur and wool. Can use for the Fur sculpting. These alpha textures help you quickly sculpt the wool and fur of various animals - a bear, a buffalo, a wolf and others. Textures will be useful for 3d-sculptors, Character Modelers, in Game art creation, etc. It's simple and fast way to get realistic Normal bump Map of animal fur for your Low poly characters.
The product contains 17 black-and-white textures different types of animal fur. That's enough to create unique skin for your 3d animals, or fur clothes for 3d characters. Textures are available in two formats - JPG and TGA 1024х1024px (packaged in a ZIP)
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"Lion Ring" 3D model available as "STL" and "OBJ"  file formats, You'l can import it to any 3d software. Model is fully ready for 3d printing of plastic, metal or jewelry wax.
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ZTL (zbrush 4R6 P2 tool file) Buy now, Save $10! Use Offer Code «buynowviagumroad» (First 10 sales Only). High poly 3D model of the Girl. Model has a doll proportions. Model May be used for 3d sculpture creation for 3D printing, Production of the Statues or Miniatures with doll proportions. Use Transpose Zbrush tools for making of the different Pose. Great way to get a pose of character.
Separately Subtools included: "Legs", "Arms", "Hands" (Three variants of the hand positions), "Head", "Hair", "Torso" ("Torso" Subtool has "Breast size" zbrush layer)
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Cartoon Chipmunk. Free 3d model

Cartoon Chipmunk Christmas Edition. 3d-print ready color 3d model, 8cm tall. Available different file formats: 1. "OBJ" file +texture, 2. "STL" file, 3. "WRL" file +texture (for 3D Color Printing).
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3d print ready (11cm tall) sculpture of a Unicorn. Zbrush. Posing with Layers.
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Animated Brown Bear

Buy Animated Brown Bear   Buy Brown Bear 3d model
3d model of the brown bear. Ready for use in real-time Applications, Visualization, Digital art production. 3d mesh of the model contains only square polygons and adapted for mesh smoothing. Model rigged using CAT (Character animation toolkit) and ‘skin’ modifier, 3ds MAX 2011 and higher no plug-ins needed. CAT Layer Manager contains three Animation Layers. 1 static pose and 2 animation sets included and defined in frames 0-77 – Walk loop and Run loop. Rigged via CAT, 3DS Max 2011. Textures: 4096px Diffuse map, Specular map, Normal Bump map.