Monday, June 27, 2016

Lion head 3d models. Digital sculpture. STL, OBJ files

Serious Lion head. Solid 3D model. Realistic digital sculpture suitable for creations of Physical Form via 3d printing, CNC milling. Maybe used for Jewelry design, interior design, digital visualisation, for the production of illustrations. More info...

Default size — 20cm tall with pedestal (you can scale it up or down). Asymmetric high polygon 3D model is fully ready for 3d printing (error free). Includes digital 3d model only. MAX, FBX, OBJ and STL files available. You can import it to any 3d software. The Lion head 3d model can be used independently or with one of the two pedestals.
Polycount statistic:
  • — Lion-head-serious-01: Tris — 986968, Verts — 493486
  • — Pedestal-01: Tris — 78024, Verts — 39014
  • — Pedestal-02: Tris — 86012, Verts — 43008

  1. (zipped default MAX file)
  2. (zipped additional pedestal MAX model)
  3. (zipped default FBX file)
  4. (includes zipped OBJ files)
  5. (includes zipped STL files)
Preview images done in Keyshot. Also presented few 3ds Max viewport screenshots

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