Friday, August 14, 2015

3d Female. Quick Pose Tool

Get 3d Female. Quick Pose Tool

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3d tool for Digital sculptors, Character modelers. Includes:
  • - High quality rigged (CAT skeleton), unwrapped (non-owerlaping) low poly model of a Female body with normal bump map,
  • - Detailed High-poly model of a Female body, unwrapped (non-owerlaping, coincides with low-poly UV).
You can use Low-poly model separately for female 3d-character modeling, texturing, normal baking and animation. Or use it as "Quick Pose Tool" - easy way to put a high poly model of nude female in a few different poses with used rigged Low-poly female in 3DS Max2011 and over.
Watch the video to understand the workflow
Female 3d models has 4 preconfigured test pose in one CAT animation layer placed on different frames on timeline (5,10,15,20), Skin-pose in frame #0. Low-poly mesh rigged using "skin" modifier, High-poly mesh rigged using "Skin Wrap" modifier (low-poly mesh as target). 
Low poly Female polygon statistic: Polys - 3892, Tris - 7784, Verts - 3894
High poly Female polygon statistic: Tris - 239, Verts - 119562
You'll get:
  • 1) 3d-female-rigged-01.max V-2011 (contains rigged and unwrapped low poly and high poly models of nude female)
  • 2) 3d-female-high-poly-01.OBJ (unwrapped high poly model only)
  • 3) 3d-female-low-poly-01.obj (unwrapped low poly model only)
  • 4) girl-rigged-base-normal-01.tga (Base normal map prebaked from High- to Low-poly mesh)
Also you can get "Free samples" (Posed Female 3d sculptures done with use this tool)

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